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Grzegorz Klimek   +48 793 093 110

27 years old, married, 2 lovely daughters

Personal profile (TL;DR)

Hi, I'm Grzegorz. I'm a Frontend Developer, Graphic and Motion Designer with a 11 years professional experience.
I'm also a Team Leader on web projects from 2008 (6 years).

My greatest strength is versatility, perfection, experience and of course my love to this job.



  • AMD CommonJS, Object Oriented Javascript, Test Driven Development
  • Node.js, Grunt, Gulp, Bower, NPM, Yeoman
  • Nodeunit, Mocha
  • Handlebars, JST, TwigJS and more JS templating
  • ySlow and Google Page speed optimizations


  • CSS 3.0
  • NodeSass, Sass and Compass, Less
  • Responsive Design


  • Semantic HTML 5, SEO Friendly


  • Deign for the web, for the phones and a tablets
  • Design for print
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, AfterEffects, Flash


  • Symfony 2, Silex, Twig, basics of Zend 1 frameworks, basics of doctrine
  • Responsive backend (with MobileDetect etc.)


  • Basic SQL and ORM knowledge
  • MySql, Postgress basics


  • Bash terminal, Git, Node.js, Nginx, Apache
  • Editors: Sublime Text, NetBeans, Eclipse, FlashDevelop
  • UbuntuServer, VirtulaBox, SSH
  • Action Script 3.0/2.0

Work experience

I became interested in web technologies when I was 14 ears old, it was Microsoft Frontpage (hard to admit). I get my first Freelance job in age of 16 - it was flash website for German company -

“Grupa Leonardo” 2006-2008 - First full time job

I worked there as a WebDesigner. Mainly i was designing and coding flash web pages and presentations.

My best project of this period was It was very fun work to do. I was initiator of this project from the beginning - idea, the ui design, by directing the films, to coding it in ActionScript 3.0.

#Design #Photoshop #Illustrator
#Flash #ActionScript 2.0/3.0
#Html #Css #Js

“ESSYO” 2008-2010 - More Design skills

Next I worked as a Head Web Designer. My job was leading a team of web designers and backend php developer on web projects, mainly under license “software as a service”.

I designed a brand for The logotype, folders, letterheads, website - full corporate identity.

My other designs in this company

#Design #Photoshop #Illustrator #InDesign
#Html #Css #Js
#Flash #ActionScript 3.0

“Infomag Media” 2010 - New challenges

Advertising Agency and Local TV station. I was employed as a Head Graphic Designer in 2010. I was working with Adobe AfterEffects a lot, also making a web pages.

  • Completely new Online TV site with CMS in PHP, HTML, CSS, JS
  • Many TV Adds, Some flash presentations for 3 cities
  • Teach new and old employees Photoshop, Flash, AfterEffects

#MotionDesign #AfterEffects
#Design #Photoshop #Illustrator #InDesign
#Html #Css #Js #Php
#Flash #ActionScript 3.0

My own path

In 2011 I decided to open my own business. During this period I made a lot of stuff:

E-commerce shop made from scrach for Polish Producer of furnitures, clothing and bedding for children. All designed by myself (3 versions). Two previous version was also cut to HTML5 and coded in PHP Zend framework by myself. The newest is build on top of my work by other developer.

Extra stuff:

  • bidirectional connection with accounting program by *.csv files.
  • Online Payments
  • Przymierzalnia - Flash fitting room for clothing, can be added photo of a child and save a set to a desktop. In previoes version of the site you can add the set directly to your cart.
  • I made also video tour of a first version

#MotionDesign #AfterEffects
#Design #Photoshop
#Html5 #Css3 #Js #Php #ZendFramework
#Flash #ActionScript 3.0

Web site commemorating the war hero Stanislaus Kłosowski. Made in Flash, AS3 and PHP talking with Flash by XML.

Extra stuff:

  • Every page has own background, color corrected bomber and more
  • On each page, after antiaircraft blows, you can click on a bottom of a bomber, or click and hold on a rifle to get some extra stuff. I recommend:
  • Flash deep linking by SWFAddress
  • Grate music

#MotionDesign #AfterEffects
#Design #Photoshop
#Html5 #Css3 #Js #Php #ZendFramework
#Flash #ActionScript 3.0


Unfortunately, investors retreated from the project, but it was a good social network page with a lot of features. I was there a Team leader. My work was to design it and make HTML5, JS, CSS. I also coded PHP script that was responsible for encoding videos, uploaded by users, automatically, to x.264 by ffmpeg library.

#Design #Photoshop
#Html5 #Css3 #Js #Php #ZendFramework
#FFmpeg #HandBrakeCUI
#Flash #ActionScript 3.0

TR Building Solutions Logo

Simple logo project for London company
and a CI - (5MB)

#Design #Photoshop #Illustrator

My current occupation

Now I'm on a contract as a Team leader and FrontendDeveloper on Online Casino project (I can't show the detail, becouse project isn't done yet). It is a web app that contains about 50 slot and card games in both Flash and HTML5 Canvas for mobile devices.


I'm also try to be active on github, mainly on Javascript/Nodejs/GruntPlugins:


  1. Secondary school “Im. Gustawa Morcinka nr 4” in Tychy, Poland
  2. “AGH University of Science and Technology” in Cracow, Poland
    Engineer of "Geodesy And Cartography"